Salon & Spa Breakthrough – Amazing But True Real Life Story…

He owned a salon that was losing money, he was working 60 hours a week behind the chair, and he was at a breaking point…

How A Formally Miserable, Broke, Desperate Salon Owner Now Averages 27 New Clients A Month…Want To Know His Amazing New-Client Generating Secret That Not One In A Thousand Salon Owners Know About?

What Amazing Revelations Leap Frogged Michael Colosi Over Every Other Salon Owner In Town? What Does He and His Older Brother Know That You Don’t? And…Why Are They Willing To Reveal Their Secrets To You?

We’re always looking for remarkable success stories to share with you. Here’s one you MUST read:

Imagine this  – You’re 44years old. You have 5 children; your oldest is starting college, you’re $85,347 in debt. The salon that you own that you bought from your father is losing money every month (there are 22 salons within one mile of each other). You’re afraid to tell your father who started the salon in 1960 that you’re considering closing down, because it seems like there is no other choice!

Fast forward one year later. You’re 45. Your out of debt, you have doubled your profit, you own the FASTEST growing salon in town.  Every other salon is talking about your salon and wondering what you did to make business grow so fast, stylist from nearby salons are calling you at home asking if they can work for YOUR salon.

And, you yourself, only see a handful of clients a week…with so much free time on your hands, mostly spent hanging around your house; your wife begs you to open another salon or teach other salon and spa owners your Methods so you’ll get out of the house!

Sound like a made up fantasy? Well, this story is TRUE. Curious? What did Mike Colosi do? What does he and his brother Mark know that almost all Salon Owners don’t know? Can the Colosi brother’s Methods be duplicated, was it a fluke? Did they stumble into a once-in-a –lifetime accident that could never replicate?  Or did they develop rapid cash producing Methods that CAN be repeated anywhere by any Salon or Spa Owner.

We recently interviewed Mike Colosi to see what he had to say about this incredible breakthrough he and his brother developed and perfected:

Salon Breakthroughs: How did a 45 year old salon owner turn his salon around, double his profits, now has biggest, fastest growing salon in town…and it only took 4 months!”

Mike Colosi Well here’s what happened, I have a 3 older brothers, Mark was the closest in age to me. Greg and Gary seemed like they were in a different generation gap. Anyway Mark and I slept in the same bedroom when we were kids. We got into a lot mischief together as kids growing up. He went off to some college in Maine and we both grew up and our lives took separate paths.   I never really knew what Mark did for a living, all I knew is that he was always doing something different and it involved sales and

marketing. I do remember he was always listening to audiotapes in his car and reading business books. Mark never talked much about anything or about what he did for a living and it crossed my mind a few times that he worked for the CIA or was involved in some kind of illegal activity. I say this because he seemed to travel a lot, had a big house, nice cars, didn’t seem to work much and always had plenty of money. 

I later found out that over the years Mark became a marketing genius, a highly sought after marketing expert and had become a self-made multi-millionaire in the process.

He saw how desperate I was and agreed to help me and explained to me what I was doing wrong – that I didn’t understand that I was in the business of marketing my salon NOT running a salon. I will never forget what he said because it was the turning point for my salon business and my life. He also told me – it is not your fault you don’t know how to market – because hair salon school doesn’t teach it because they don’t know how to market either.

Salon breakthroughs: “So what did you do? How did you survive and prosper like this?”

Mike Colosi  “Well the first thing I want to mention is that what we do is 100% legal, ethical and moral. That’s very important to me. Here’s what we did. We simply figured what clients want, not what us salon or spa owners think they want, and then try to find clients to fit our need. Mark created entire automatic marketing systems for me use. Showed my why my expensive and pretty website wasn’t getting me any new clients. He showed me strategies that I never thought were even possible in my salon business.

I took everything he gave me (dozens and dozens of marketing strategies, methods, techniques and systems) and put them to work in my salon business.

My salon meets the biggest and fastest need in the hair care industry today and long into the future! It was so clear to me, what needed to be done in our industry. Our industry was behind the times as far as marketing and business goes.  I then came to the realization we were holding the key, to instant profit increase, to working less behind the chair, to positioning your salon or spa  for tremendous growth.  My brother and I could walk into any ordinary income-producing salon or spa…and instantly transform it, into a fast growing automatic client

attracting salon or spa! And…it will automatically put cash into your checkbook, allowing you to work only when you want to…without working behind the chair for 60 hours a week, without  pushing your products and services! New clients will call you, and you will have a waiting list for them to get appointments!

Salon Breakthroughs: “But didn’t you attend a lot of seminars, where the experts told you how to be successful, and spend lots of money on education, and advertise and do all that stuff those other salons and spas are doing?

Mike Colosi” In fact I did, the problem with everything you’re told is that none of it actually works, and I was a busy hairstylist, I didn’t have time to spend on experimenting, there was no one, who was actually in the business, who new, exactly how to get new clients fast and make large sums of  money.

There were so-called experts who never cut a head of hair in their lives, how could I believe what they were telling me! There job was to make money for the manufacture, you know sell products and try new services. Hair shows have a place in our industry, but manufactures are not interested in YOUR individual salon, there interests are with all the salons, not yours. Honestly have you ever been to a hair show, where the prima-dona stylist is on stage, telling you how great they are, please…give me a break, I want to know how to get new clients and make more money, NOW, not 5 years from now.

Salon Breakthroughs: “Can any Salon or Spa owner copy your Method?  Do you need special skills, money or unique knowledge? And how can our readers learn more?”

Mike Colosi: Any Salon or Spa Owner no matter what stage they are in their career can instantly leapfrog the pack, becoming the highest income producing Salon or Spa  in town. They can finally live the dream lifestyle they deserve…If they simply follow our step-by-step instructions and blueprints to immediate success, prestige and wealth. Salon and Spa owners are stunned when they see how quick and easy it is to re-invent their business to one where clients eagerly seek you out. Top quality clients who spend a ton of money to look good will be lining up to get appointments. Anyway to answer your last

question, we do FREE 45-minute personal strategy calls with interested owner’s that explains everything about our methods in great detail. However, if you are closed minded, a know-it-all, unwilling to look outside the norms of the salon and spa industry…please don’t contact us. After all, if you’re happy with your salon or spa and lifestyle… why bother getting info? We are going to strictly limit the number of owners that can adopt our methods of rapid turn-around growth. Once we get enough owners, that’s it, its first come- first served.  Go to this and fill in our form and let me know a bit about your situation and I’ll book a Strategy Call with you and show you exactly how to get new clients coming in and teach you my 6-step formula. Or call our 24-hour free recorded message hotline at 855-924-6677 and leave your first name and your email address and I’ll send you a link to the form.

Salon Report.  Thank you Mike. We hope many Salon and Spa Owners will get your information now, and get the great results that they deserve!