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Salons Are Missing Out On Online and Digital Marketing Opportunities

We've found that most salons are NOT taking advantage of the online, mobile and digital marketing opportunities available to them.

Research: salons missing out on digital marketing

"Salons are losing out on digital marketing opportunities due to data capture omissions, recent research shows. According to Shortcuts Smarter Business Technology, a salon will typically hold on record just three email addresses for every twenty …Professional Beauty"

These are massive missed profitable opportunities for EVERY salon, regardless of size or location.


Marketing Tips For Hair Salons

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3 Secrets To Marketing A Hair Salon Successfully – Why Marketing A Hair Salon Is Vital

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Salon Owners Are Entrepreneurs First, Stylists Second

Great article from Business Day (Online) about one particular salon owner who found success once he realized that his salons' potential depended on his own entrepreneurial mind-set. 'As entrepreneurs we need to be strat… "I “pimp” my salon to attract my client, even my staff are hired on contract bases, they have the talent and…