Salon Owners Take Notice: Salon Owner Takes The Plunge And Expands

Congrats!  Anytime a salon owner takes a risk and goes against the grain to further their salon's success, we applaud.

Entrepreneurial: Salon owner takes the plunge and expands

"One block north of Highway 55, it's seven miles from the old salon to keep existing customers coming back. “It's a nice little area,” Carter said. “It's growing and it's very busy.” The U.S. salon industry is growing, too. Salons and spas make up 70 …Finance and Commerce"

In these economic times, many small to mid-size businesses are tightening their marketing budgets and by doing so, are leaving a lot of market-share on the table that can be picked up by assertive forward-thinking business people like the salon owner mentioned in this article.


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